Flex Execs Management Solutions

Who We Are

Since 1990, Flex Execs has been providing Talent Acquisition Solutions to clients by matching client needs with the right talented professionals. We recruit for talent in all areas of business, but specialize in Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain & Logistics, Sales Leadership and Senior Leadership.

Our vision is to create an experience so remarkable (rewarding and satisfying) for our clients, professionals and staff that Flex Execs Management Solutions is their First Choice for whatever talent acquisition need they have; they only want to deal with us, and will happily sing our praises to everyone. Oh, and by the way, we want everyone involved to have fun while doing it!

Our mission is to help customers Accelerate Business Growth through People, in order to achieve their strategic and operational objectives. Our solutions include interim professionals, recruiting solutions and assessment tools. Our customers include our valued clients, talented professionals and dedicated staff.

Our Values:

  • Integrity
  • Remarkable Service
    • for our clients
    • for our professionals
    • for our staff
  • Focus on Solutions

Flex Execs is proud to be a Certified Women Business Enterprise