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Assessing Job and Culture Fit

Hire, Develop and Promote Top Talent with the Portrait®

47% of best-in-class companies use assessments "for promotion and placement" compared with only 24% in low performing organizations. Retaining top talent starts with the recruiting process. The better the process is at finding, qualifying and assessing the right skills and "fit", the better the chances to retain talent that produces results. To help identify, hire and develop top talent for your organization use the Portrait®, a web-based, assessment tool that helps ensure the right "fit" for an individual job and your corporate culture.

The Portrait® measures fourteen fundamental personality characteristics

Motivation to Influence Follow Through on Commitments
Reasoning Motivation to Serve the Customer
Commitment to Follow Through Personal Responsibility
Energy/Ability to Fuel an Effective Effort Resilience/Self-Confidence
Ability to Listen/Sense Non-Verbal Cues Sensitivity to Rules & Guidelines
Approach to Detail Tenacity with Routine Details
Thoroughness in Completing Work Openness to Learning

Using the Portrait® helps our clients:

  • Make better Hires and Reduce Employee Turnover
  • On-board, Develop and Increase Employee Productivity
  • Predict Sales Success
  • Individual, Team and Leadership Development
  • Scientifically Validated Accuracy

Experience how The Portrait® can help you hire top talent better, faster, with the right attitude and engagement to support your competitive advantage in the marketplace. Contact us to arrange for a complementary Assessment - call 630-655-0563 x2.