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Are you a talented professional with experience in Human Resources, Finance/Accounting, Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain/Logistics, Sales Leadership or Senior Leadership looking for an environment that offers you variety, support and flexibility?

Do you like the idea of putting your expertise to work in a variety of companies and industries?

Are you tired of corporate politics, long hours and being under-appreciated?

Has your corporate routine become tiresome, and do you want to experience other environments and industries?

Have you taken early retirement?

Perhaps you would like to work 40 hours, rather than 60, or three days a week, instead of five? Even better, maybe you would like to have the summers off.

Flex Execs Management Solutions introduces interim professionals and consultants to new industries, workplaces, business approaches and lifestyles. You have every right to be discerning in selecting the workplace and project perfect for your skills, ambitions, and temperament.

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